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Chef Vikas Khanna honored by Jazz For Peace

In Food/Drink on April 27, 2009 at 8:34 pm

By Antoinette Alexander

Chef Vikas Khanna, is the 2009 recipient of the Jazz for Peace Honorary Ambassador Award in honor of his commitment to support World Hunger through his restaurants, tours and books.

Khanna was born in November 1971 in Amritsar and learned the art of cooking and the use of spices by helping his grandmother in the kitchen. In fact, at the young age of 14 he catered a wedding for 1,000 people with the help of two cooks, and at 16 he opened Lawrence Gardens Banquets in Amritsar. However, that was not the end — but only the beginning — of Khanna’s achievements. Today, he is a world famous Chef, food writer and humanitarian.

Among his many achievements: The establishment of New York Chefs “Cooking for Life” Foundation in 2001 to organize events to raise money for various causes around the world. Founded in partnership with several of the world’s top chefs, “Cooking for Life” has supported relief efforts worldwide including 9/11, Tsunami Relief, hurricanes of the Gulf Coast, South Asian earthquakes, Darfur, and many more.

To check out Khanna’s cuisines you can visit restaurants Purnima New York at 245 W. 54th Street, N.Y.; The Café @ RMA (Rubin Museum of Art) at 150 W. 17th Street, N.Y.; and Tandoor Palace at 88 Fulton Street, N.Y.

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