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India Inspires Givenchy’s 2009 Makeup Collection

In Fashion on April 29, 2009 at 3:47 pm
Maharani Gold and Silver shades from Givenchy 2009

Maharani Gold and Silver shades from Givenchy 2009

By Antoinette Alexander
Givenchy’s makeup artistic director, Nicolas Degennes, has unveiled the 2009 spring/summer makeup collection for eyes, lips, nails and face inspired by historical, traditional India and its bursting color palettes.

“A homage to Indian beauty, heightened with a discreet air of eroticism and anchored in the purest tradition. What I adore in these love sagas is the eternal femininity in a showcase of flashy, ultra-kitsch glamour and gaudy music,” stated Degennes. “I wanted to create a collection with blazing, extravagant colors. In India, it’s so natural to be daring. No matter what medium you choose for venturing into this exoticism, what you find is Mother India and her deep roots.”

Products in the collection include Sari Glow luminous cheek powder in orange and pink shades inspired by Jaipur Palace. There’s also Precious Sari glitter eyeshadow in shades Maharani Silver and Maharani Gold, and Prismissime Visage face and eye power in pinks and apricots. The packaging is adorned with bindis to evoke the decorative style of India.

“My new collection offers this brightness, this glow, this vibrancy, but is also anchored in fundamental values,” stated Degennes. “In this Indian adventure I rediscovered why I am so attached to Morocco, especially Marrakech. Living in the past as modernity tries to impose itself.”


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