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Romance publisher Mills & Boon Bringing Romance To India

In Business, Entertainment, India, Yoga on May 4, 2009 at 1:58 pm

By Antoinette Alexander

British-based romance publisher, Mills & Boon, recently completed a writing competition in India to find its first author from the country. The winner: Milan Vohra, an advertising executive whose short story, ‘The Love Asana‘,  tells a tale of love conquering all in a yoga class. Vohra, who has been married for 21 years and has two children aged 18 and 11, cranked out her award-winning, 2,000-word story in one night! She will be coached to hone her writing skills.

India has served as the exotic setting for several Mills & Boon books by Western authors, but the publisher wanted to find local talent to bridge cultural divides and further bolster sales. Last year, it established its first office in India.

Mills & Boons, which published its first book more than 100 years ago, has long featured exotic heroes or locations in its romance novels and that fascination still exists today. While the company’s largest markets have been the U.K., United States, Australia and New Zealand, that could change given the launch of English-language editions in India in 2008. In light of India’s expanding middle class, the company wants to see more Indian-influenced plots, such as an Indian prince idea.


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