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Cheapest Car NANO v. Electric car REVA. The outcome of India’s car battle will impact the world.

In Business, Environment, India on May 6, 2009 at 8:53 am

By Antoinette Alexander

REVA, Indias First Electric Car

REVA, India's First Electric Car

India’s NANO, the world’s cheapest car launched to huge success and International spotlight. In the wings stands the REVA, India’s first and only electric car.

The Reva, initially launched in June 2001 in Bangalore, India – basic, simple, reliable and designed specifically for local conditions, making it ideal for the Indian market. In addition, the car’s speed is made to meet India’s city mobility requirements.

Not all reviews of the Reva have been favorable – suspension improvement, a lack of air vents, a drop in mileage and sagging over time due to its large-size doors are some of the customer suggested improvements. But while Reva’s compact size makes it ideal for navigating India’s clogged cities and its environmentally-friendly positioning makes it appealing to environmentalists.Indian-manufactured Tato Nano is priced at about $2,000 and with tax breaks and subsidies the REVA costs around $6,000.

TATA Nano, the worlds cheapest car

TATA Nano, the world's cheapest car

The specter of millions of gasoline-powered Nano raising demand for oil already has some worried – the NANO received more than 200,000 raising $512.6 million fully paid bookings for the new Nano. Meanwhile the next generation electric car from Reva will debut in India in May this year.


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