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Tammam unveils spring/summer 2009 collection inspired & made in India

In Entrepreneurs, Fashion, India, People Making A Difference on May 7, 2009 at 12:35 pm

By Antoinette Alexander

UK’s eco-chic Lucy Tamman’s House Of Tammam has unveiled its spring/summer 2009 collection of eco-sensitive apparel, which is influenced by a mix of inspirations from details of Indian and Tibetan traditional dress to futuristic ideas from art.

The stylish collection includes India-made organic and fair trade certified cotton satin trousers with vintage pleat details; an organic natural-dyed hand loom cotton dress that can be worn 12 ways and is made in India; and an organic and fair trade certified cotton satin dress with eco-friendly deer and dog print with bamboo satin detail, also made in India.

Self-described as a fashion house with “old fashioned working for the modern independent stylish woman,” Tammam’s garments are made by people in India or Nepal under fair trade conditions with eco and sustainable fibers and fabrics.

Tammam’s products are 100% vegetarian. Few animal products are used, but when they are, the company ensures that the animal has not been held captive, has not died or been mistreated in the process and will not be killed when its use for fiber is over. It does not use mass-produced animal fibers. Tammam will use wild peace silk where the cocoons are collected from the wild after the moth has emerged, and it has developed alternatives to wool (hemp and banana blend yarn) and silk (bamboo satin and banana fiber).


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