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‘The Vagina Monologues’ celebrates 200 shows in India. Raising millions to end violence against women in the process.

In Arts, Entertainment, Entrepreneurs, India, Theater, Women's Issues on May 8, 2009 at 7:49 am

Indias V-Team

India's V-Team

Full Story Here
“In the last five years, we have raised around 50 lakhs (about GBP67,800) for a shelter for battered women in Dharavi (a large Mumbai slum). The proceeds of the 200th show are going to Haseena Hussain, the young victim of an acid attack in Bangalore. Haseena was blinded and completely disfigured by her boss when she refused his romantic overtures. For our 200th performance, she left her house for the first time in ten years. Meanwhile, her attacker has been sentenced to life, but he will probably be out in fourteen years. This is what women still have to endure.

With the recent moral policing of women by right-wing political parties, I think India is at a very crucial stage of its development. The arts are a reflection of society and culture. If you throttle the arts, you throttle society. We may be a global economy, but we have such closed mindsets. As for the future, I am going to take this play as far as it goes. I am looking forward to the 300th show.”


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