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India a ‘honeypot’ for Australian pedophiles

In Human Rights, India, Legal on May 27, 2009 at 6:32 pm
Exposed: Accused Australian paedophile Paul Henry Dean (ABC)

Exposed: Accused Australian paedophile Paul Henry Dean (ABC)

VIA ABC News, Australia

Child protection advocates in India are calling for suspected Australian child sex offenders to be extradited to face justice in their own country. Paul Henry Dean, charged with multiple sex offenses in India, donned an array of names and identities while he operated as a charity worker at New Hope Orphanage, masqueraded as a holy man and a healer, and allegedly abused dozens of boys and young men in his wanderings over 30 years.

Vidya Reddy, the executive director of India’s Tulir Centre for the Prevention and Healing of Child Abuse, says most Indian states have no proper child protection laws. “The system itself is basically beckoning an abuser,” she said. “Why wouldn’t an abuser then make use of the situation? They are all coming to India like bees to a honeypot because they know the system here is like Swiss cheese, it’s got so many holes.”

In 2007 India was rocked by revelations that Goa, a tourist hotspot in South India, was a haven for international pedophiles.


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