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Menstrual Cups Launching In India. First Step Toward Blood Banking In Stem Cell Research Studies

In Health, India, Science, Women's Issues on May 27, 2009 at 12:12 pm

Move over tampons and pads. The menstrual cup is launching in India in June. Menstrual cups were first patented in the US in the 30s. Today’s cups are made from soft silicone rubber, have none of the bleaches and deodorizers of tampons, and are environmentally friendly as they are reusable.

Lifecell is also seeing this as the first step towards its menstrual blood banking project named Femme, to be launched in July. Women would be given a collection kit comprising a menstrual cup and collection tubes. The blood will be processed and preserved in liquid nitrogen at extremely low temperatures.

“Menstrual blood is a rich source of stem cells,” says LifeCell chief scientific officer Dr Ajit Kumar, “The endometrium-lining of the uterus regenerates every month. Research on stem cells provides knowledge about how healthy cells replace damaged ones in adults, leading to the possibility of cell-based therapy to treat diseases.”


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