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Mr. Bachchan should not have refused the Australian Doctorate.

In Bollywood, India on May 30, 2009 at 7:15 am

News is that Amitabh Bachhan has refused an Australian Doctorate following the racially motivated ‘curry bashing’ attacks on Indian students in Australia.

There are times to take the moral high ground and stay away, and there are times to walk right into the lion’s den and stare it down. Amitabh should have accepted the degree and the opportunity to speak directly to the Australian people. Much like President Obama faced down the controversy headon at ASU and NotreDame by addressing the students (and the nation) directly. In doing so President Obama succeeded in making his opponents look petty and foolish.

It was a great opportunity (a) to be an ambassador for  India’s culture to the young Aussie students that might need this exposure, (b) while there a visit to Shravan Kumar would have gone a long way….both for Shravan, and to draw more attention to the issue of curry bashing, and finally, (c) why punish the Queensland University’s good intentions for the actions of a few ignorant racist aholes?


  1. I will have to agree with you on this one fully. A lost opportunity.

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