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India’s First Registered Gay Magazine Relaunches

In Business, Entrepreneurs, Human Rights, India on June 4, 2009 at 8:55 am

By Antoinette Alexander

While it is still illegal to be gay in India, there are indications that certain sections of society are opening their minds to homosexuality. Last year, New Delhi held its first pride march and the Delhi high court is currently hearing a case that could decriminalize homosexuality. Now, India’s first and only LGBT publication is making a comeback.

The publication, Bombay Dost (Bombay Friends) has just relaunched after going out of print in 2002 due to a lack of financial support, according to a report by

Just six weeks into the relaunch and Bombay Dost has sold nearly 1,000 copies—that’s two-thirds of its initial print run. The new version of Bombay Dost, portions of which are available online, will be published twice a year. The second issue will come out in October 2009.

Unlike the original magazine, which was available mostly through roadside vendors and concealed in plain brown paper, the new version is in bookstores and on newsstands across India.


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