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Sharma Pushes For Anti-Dowry Law In The UK

In Education, Human Rights, India, Women's Issues on June 12, 2009 at 11:48 am

MP Virendra Sharma is pushing for anti-dowry laws in the UK, a widespread problem among Indians in the UK.

What use are laws? Dowry has been illegal in India since the 1961 Dowry Prohibition Act, but it (and the resulting death and violence) continues to this day. In June this year India’s supreme court ruled that the husband could not be convicted for dowry related death if the wife died one year after threats from dowry.

Via BBC:It’s a view shared by human rights barrister, Usha Sood, who says she is currently representing about 50 women who are attempting to retrieve their dowries through the civil courts. “Dowry abuse is a very serious problem. It is often in the guise of domestic abuse and violence. It could be through false imprisonment of a wife, it could be through her being physically assaulted….There have also been cases where women have been scalded or had bleach thrown in their faces,” she said.


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