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India-Pakistan and their ‘choreographed contempt’

In India, Politics, Viral Videos on June 17, 2009 at 1:02 pm

This week the leaders of India and Pakistan met for the first time since the devastating November 6 terrorist bombings in Mumbai. PM Manmohan Singh’s zinger to President Zardari within media earshot is being hailed as a “media coup”. It seems the leaders of both countries are more interested in outwitting each other in the PR department, than making  real attempts toward peace.

The video of the bizarre daily ceremony at the India Pakistan border provides a good laugh. Beyond the laughs, its comment thread is another fertile battleground for haters on both sides…proof that peace for these two warring neighbors is anything but a handshake away.

  1. i agree. its important Dr. Singh stays the course and not step out of character like he did in Yekaterinburg. resumption of India-Pakistan relations and talks shouldn’t be reduced to mere photo opps and media moments or verbal duels. there’s lot more at stake than just goodwill of “pakistan bashing/be tough on pakistan” gallery in sections of the indian political establishment. it does not truely represent the “mandate” of majority of indians.

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