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The Facebook Battle Against Gandhi Statue In Leicester.

In India, Politics on June 19, 2009 at 8:28 am

Gandhi is a brand. His face, values and quotes are everywhere. At least 70 countries in the world boast a Gandhi statue. But some folks in Leicester would prefer that the $32,000 seven-and-a-half foot tall bronzed Gandhi statue, made in Kolkata, not go up this summer.

In the battle of statues that lasted a few months, Gandhi beat local footballer hero Gary Lineker. Gary Lineker himself weighed in in support of the Gandhi statue saying, ““I feel his philosophy of brotherhood amongst those of different religions and ethnicity should be honoured and celebrated in the diverse community of Leicester.”

Opponents say it’s a ‘safety concern’ if placed at the crossroads of two streets. But head over to Facebook where over 4600+ members are venting to get a flavor of what is really pissing them off. It’s ugly and racist, and the hate spews freely.

In the end the Samanvaya Parivar charity that paid for the statue will get its way, and the statue will be going up this summer. Question is……would Gandhi really want $32,700 spent on a statue of himself?


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