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Seized Counterfeit Tees Get New Lives

In India, People Making A Difference on July 11, 2009 at 8:24 am

Illegal traders who were trying to cash in by selling hundreds of counterfeit Oasis t-shirts at the band’s recent Heaton Park gigs didn’t get too far – officials not only seized the shirts but are putting them to good use.  The more than 1,300 unofficial t-shirts are being distributed by the International Aid Trust to those in need in India, Africa and eastern Europe. The Oasis logos are, of course, removed before being shipped off for charity.

Hundreds of posters, as well as some frames from counterfeit pictures, are also being handed over to charity for re-use. Officials in Manchester have been cracking down on rogue street sellers since April and have since seized more than 56,000 counterfeit items. They try to recycle as many of the items as possible.

A visit to any US Chinatown would reveal a goldmine of counterfeit stuff!


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