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Shahrukh Khan immigration questioning – ‘bag delay’ bogus argument

In Bollywood, Entertainment, Film, India on August 16, 2009 at 7:34 am

Anyone who has come in on an International flight in Newark knows the procedure – you get off the plane, into the immigration area line, go to the counter, have your papers checked and then walk through to the bag claim area where you pick up bags to then go through customs. The only time you are taken into another room for immigration questioning is if there are doubts about your papers. And that is what clearly happened to Shahrukh Khan. The claim that Shahrukh Khan was delayed because of bags not arriving is just bogus.

Meanwhile India Independence day celebrations are happening across many US cities. Overzealous and ignorant immigration officials cannot, and should not, take away the fact that America is one of very few countries where a community can close down a major street, wave their home country flags, and celebrate diversity. It would behoove Indian newspapers to balance their coverage of the SRK immigration debacle.


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