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25 Years Later…Lessons From Bhopal Reverberate In West Virginia

In Environment, Human Rights, India, Legal, People Making A Difference on September 2, 2009 at 8:06 am

The world’s worst industrial disaster happened 25 years ago in Bhopal. Methyl isocyanate, a poisonous gas was released in the air by a Union Carbide plant (now owned by Dow Chemicals). Thousands died, and thousands in future generations were maimed. 25 years later they still fight for justice to stop the poisoning of new generations from poisoned groundwater and a cleanup that never happened.

And 25 years later, a West Virginia chemical plant has finally caved to public pressure to reduce production of methyl isocyanate. One has to laugh at this money quote from Bill Buckner, CEO of Bayer Cropscience, “we have taken seriously the concerns of public officials and the site’s neighbors.” (full story NY TIMES) Well…better late than never!


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