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Stewart Nozette – Scientist, Spy And What The Heck Were His Designs On India?

In India on October 21, 2009 at 8:03 pm

Midlife crisis. That’s lawyer Jonathan Turley’s explanation for Nozette’s alleged spying behavior. Stewart Nozette, a US scientist was arrested for allegedly wanting to sell US secrets to foreign countries. The jury is still out on whether he was spying for, or against India. More on the intriguing blanks in Nozette’s story at NY Times’ The Lede.

Midlife crisis. Is that a valid legal defense? If so there’s another ring of crooks that might be interested in it.

Via NY Times:NASA/European Pressphoto - Agency Stewart Nozette at the Taj Mahal in an undated photograph published on a NASA Web site.

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