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Suicides, Priests Arrests, Supreme Court Judge, Forensic Lab Visits, and other strange twists in a murdered nun case

In Faith & Religion, India, Legal on October 23, 2009 at 6:40 pm

Sister Abhaya, Roman Catholic nun murdered in 1992.

This cold case gets hotter and hotter. Sister Abhaya, a Roman Catholic nun in Kerala was found dead in a well in 1992. 16 years later, in 2008, two priests and a nun were arrested in connection. In November 2008 an assistant sub-inspector of police, the first to record the death a homicide, committed suicide alleging torture by the CBI.

Today the Hindu reports that Supreme Court Judge Cyriac Joseph “viewed the narco-analysis tapes of the three accused and evaluated the entire case record”, while the CBI is still investigating the case.

Meanwhile the convent is feeling the toll of being mired in scandals and controversies, among them a drop in women joining the order to serve as nuns.  “Only four have joined us this year,” said Sister Annie John of the Sister of St. Joseph Congregation (SJC). Interestingly any mention of Sister Abhaya is completely missing from the Superior’s statements.


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