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Single Indian women come together to help each other!

In India, Legal, People Making A Difference, Women's Issues on October 28, 2009 at 11:15 am

It’s still difficult being a woman in today’s world, but forget about being a single woman in India, or a widowed mother.  No help from friends, family nor the government; no shelter, no work, no food; and all of it with a shaven head, no make-up and shame.

Two single widows have come together, Hansa Rathore and Sudha Jha, and formed “National Forum for Single Women’s Rights” (Ekal Adhikar Yojna) in their respective states, which is a bill, “or demand to the government” as they call it, which includes “a monthly social security pension of 1,000 rupees (21.65 U.S. dollars), free health care for single women and their children, right to work, rights to property in both natal and marital homes and allotment of land to build a house.”

Women create a united front during the National Forum for Single Women's Rights. / Credit:Nitin Jugran Bahuguna/IPS

“Over 36 million women in India are single, yet there is no attention being paid to the issues that concern this sector,” stated Dr Ginny Shrivastava, a social activist from Rajasthan state in northwest India, during the forum.” (IPS News)

Ladies, we salute you!


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