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Rs. 6000/- Butter Chicken For Two. No, really.

In Food/Drink, India on October 29, 2009 at 10:22 pm

Where to begin with this story?  Two butter chicken fans lay out their butter chicken at a wedding, then launch an online business only selling it for a hefty 6000/- rupees ($120/-) for a serving of two.  The news goes viral being picked up by newspapers and blogs world over.  A facebook group has over 800 fans.

They’ve sold one so far, and have…wait…hold your breath…4 whole orders for November.

And then this week news that it will be sold only till Dec 1st, after which it will only be made if a draft of Rs. 1,00,000 ($2000.00!!) is sent to a foundation guessed right – a bogus link. (UPDATE – the owner of the site has offered the US site for Akshaya Patra in comments below. And the link is working as of this morning)

To the 5 suckers who bought it…keep the nifty packaging.  It might achieve collector status on Ebay.


  1. Hello,

    We are writing in from the Anaarkali Butter Chicken. We respect your views about the Anaarkali Butter Chicken and what you think of it. But as regards to the link of Akhsaya Patra, I just checked even via Google and their website is down.

    It is understandable for you to write what you feel, but please check the details also.



  2. And for your reference, their US website address is

  3. Dear I. B. Saxena,
    We appreciate your clarifications.

    But here’s the deal – there’s a drought going on in India, and floods have devastated many parts in the south. Meanwhile the world (incl. India) is reeling from a global recession. You can see why we think a Rs. 6000/- butter chicken for two, using Evian Water in the recipe leaves a bitter taste (pun intended).
    Yeh Hai Life

  4. Hello,

    I completely agree with you and I think there is some communication gap here. From the day we started we maintained that we will be selling the Anaarkali Butter Chicken for Rs6,000/- only till 25th of September 2010 to promote its unique taste and experience. After that date we had pledged to make Anaarkal Butter Chicken only towards charities that feed the hungry.

    For better or worse, the Anaarkali Butter Chicken and its taste has become popular much earlier than we had anticipated. Yes it is a bit of high expectation for us to ask for Rs1,00,000/- towards charity, but please note that to maintain transaparency, we are NOT asking anyone to put this amount into our account. Instead we want people to pay Akshaya Patra directly and just give us a copy of the receipt so that we can send the Anaarkali Butter Chicken to them.

    We do care about the people in India and Anaarkali was one way we decided to do something using the taste we had created.



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