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‘Superchild University’ – Educating Inside The Womb

In India, Women's Issues on November 3, 2009 at 7:01 am

Food for thought – (1) ‘Maharishi’ Prahlad Patel who runs the university got his title from yoga guru Baba Ramdev , (2) Disney is offering refunds on its ‘Baby Einstein’ DVDs, and (3) revisit the story of Abhimanyu. The metaphors are too priceless to ignore

In the meantime dear potential mothers – eat right, sleep right, exercise regularly, and most importantly shower your baby with all the love and support possible. They may not turn out to be the next Einstein, but they will turn out to be beautiful human beings – a more noble goal to aspire to.

(Full story at Telegraph)“In their craze to have “brilliant” children, parents are now ready to start training them in the womb, right from the day of conception. The technique for educating the foetus is being offered by a physics teacher turned “Maharshi”, who draws on the story of Abhimanyu in the Mahabharat”

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