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The Ethics Of Commercial Surrogacy In India.

In India, Women's Issues on December 1, 2009 at 7:41 am

The Times of India reports this story of a German couple who had twins through an Indian surrogate mother. Problem is Germany doesn’t recognize surrogacy, and India says the babies are Indian because their biological mother is Indian.

It’s tough being judgmental about parents who choose to hire poor women in India as surrogate mothers to have their babies. You have to spend months reading boards and forums run by these parents (as we have in researching our film) to understand why you may start out against commercial surrogacy and end up ambiguous.

The German parents knew the risks they were taking, as did Dr. Nayana Patel, whose savvy PR skills have made her the face of Indian commercial surrogacy worldwide. This particular German case begs our collective attention – how many more ethical boundaries will be pushed by the Indian commercial surrogacy industry?


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