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Sex, Lies, Mobile Videos…And A Priest.

In India on December 3, 2009 at 7:38 am

Kancheepuram, the home of the Kancheevaram sari gets rocked by a sex scandal according to this TOI story.

The kicker is this sentence in the piece,

“Clearly, what’s made the incident sensational are its voyeuristic and exhibitionistic aspects which seem out of place in a small town known for its orthodox traditions.”

Really? We think that a priest, the supposed ambassador of God on earth here to preach good values and morality, then having sex with many women, taping them on his mobile phone, selling the footage to a video store owner, who distributes them…in town, while the priest blackmails the women might have a wee little bit to do with the ‘sensational’ aspect of it all.


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