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Why Men Rape.

In India, Women's Issues on December 4, 2009 at 7:20 am

An illuminating article in the American Scientist by Craig Stanford, professor of anthropology and biological sciences.

The most compelling contribution in this section is a paper by Melissa Emery Thompson, who argues persuasively that most rapes are not committed by lonely, socially maladjusted men, as Thornhill and Palmer imagined. Instead, rape is a crime most often carried out by men who are sexually experienced and connected to the victim in some way. This changing view of rape is no doubt a reflection of better reporting of crime statistics. That in turn is a result of society having begun to take a more expansive view of such criminal acts, which women of earlier generations might not have been willing to report due to fear of social stigmatization.


Read more shocking statistic here on the scale and scope of violence against women in all forms, including rape.

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