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There’s A Bee In My Amul Milk Pouch!

In India on December 5, 2009 at 9:12 am

This and other consumer complaints are to be found in the Indian consumer complaints forum.

From price fixing, to unwanted flies, bees and handgloves…and not enough chocolate chips, Amul’s users are pissed!

Other serious and harrowing consumer experiences presented verbatim below.

I would like to bring to your notice that we have purchased Studio 15 Laptop on24.09.09 but after one week the keys of key board have started missing strokes .

4 month back,after 3 months it has started making heavy noice which are sheemed to be that it will going to leak its gas from its compresur and some also like carcker’s,like boom-patak.
pls send some body to heal out this problem otherwise it will making our life horrebl specialy at night.

We loved this one taking to the task.

The profile expressed interest in me , so i registered to get the number, after which the profile stopped responding in any way , and one fine day i find the pic of the girl from Delhi in my local newspaper in some article [ db gold family pg11 2nd dec 2009 surat].

which means some model pic was used to express interest and thus lure for registration.

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