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Tata ‘Swach’ Water Purifier May Save Lives.

In India, Water Crisis on December 7, 2009 at 7:15 am

It’s called the ‘Swach’ – meaning pure in Hindi (‘Swuch’ if you want to pronounce it correctly), and made of paddy husk and bits of silver to kill waterborne diseases. (full post at NY Times)

“The Swach, a pet project of Ratan Tata, is the group’s bet that the private sector can offer a better, consumer-based solution to one of the world’s most persistent health problems than most governments in the developing world can.”

Yes it is true. The private sector can do what governments can’t. But only if they don’t simultaneously make products that release harmful industrial waste and CO2 emissions that ultimately get into the water and air that they’re selling purifiers for.

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