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Solving India’s Hunger Problem.

In Food/Drink, Health, India on December 9, 2009 at 7:52 pm

Any statistics related to India always get weighted negatively for it just because of the sheer numbers involved.  With over a billion people, more than 230 million go hungry.  All this while India runs the largest child feeding program in the world (full post at NY TIMES)

It’s not that it hasn’t been happening all this time…it has been through private charitable organizations and NGOs.  But it’s good to hear a coordinated effort built on a foundation of process and technology is actually getting underway in India.  Aidmatrix Foundation has partnered with The Global Food Bank Network to make it happen.

Pic from NY Times: Malnutrition in India is worse than in many African nations, stunting the growth of children like this girl in Shivpuri, photographed in November 2008.


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