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The 5 Biggest India Stories This Week.

In India on December 12, 2009 at 10:41 am

YHL is growing by leaps and bounds every week with viewers from all over the world. We are launching the 5 biggest stories feature this week feature to summarize all things India that grab our collective attention every week.

So here goes:

# 5 – Lindsay Lohan saved 40 children in a day. Or maybe it was all a silly misunderstanding because she wasn’t really in the country when it happened.

#4 – Volkswagen’s POLO became the first small car for India rolling off its production line there.

#3 – Parts of Mumbai and the state of Maharashtra experienced a light earthquake.

#2 – India continued to fight legally binding emissions cuts.

and the #1 story – A decision to make Telangana India’s 29th state opened a hornet’s nest in the process.

  1. Glad to see you mentioning the emissions cut issue. It’s something we need to wrestle with. The West clearly needs to do more, and my take is that they are not prepared to do much–especially the US. But that doesn’t excuse complete inaction. My reading of the current Indian commitments are that they are basically business-as-usual with a few tweaks. Not bad, but not enough. China is doing a bit more, fwiw.

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