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Unshaven Men vs Gilette’s “Shave India Movement, Women Against Lazy Stubble”

In India on December 16, 2009 at 8:16 am

The All India Men’s Welfare Association is taking on Gillette’s campaign – “Shave India Movement, Women against Lazy Stubble”. December 7th was declared National Stubble Day. The AIMWA men claim the campaign portrays men as lazy. Plus calling on women to fight stubble creates a “hatred amongst genders’. Meanwhile Procter and Gamble claims the campaign is based on research that women prefer clean shaven men.

P&G obviously didn’t take into account the large numbers of Indian men who sport beards for religious reasons. Ummmm…like the Prime Minister of India who is Sikh.

On the flip side, the AIMWA must think women are so clueless that they’d launch a war against their men who choose to sport stubble based on an ad campaign!

Guys and gals – if you are warring over facial hair, trust us…some introspection on the relationship will reveal this truth – it’s not about the hair.

  1. Dont know what Stubble has anything to do with the PM.These people at AIMWA are not offended …they are the ones who are offending people.Shame on them.

    stub·ble (stbl)
    1. The short, stiff stalks of grain or hay remaining on a field after harvesting.
    2. Something resembling this material, especially the short growth of hair that eventually protrudes from the skin after shaving.

  2. I think Gillette is trying to potray that women PREFER their men clean shaved….which to a certain extent is true. Ofcourse, on the other hand every man has the option to shave or not to shave.

  3. Well its all about expectations from the opposite sex, isnt it? Well then surely the balance of expectations tilt more towards men..who expect women to look thin, waxed, shaved and appealing….

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