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Indians “Sold Like Cattle” In Saudi Arabia

In Human Rights, India on January 3, 2010 at 9:06 pm

TOI carries the story of the stowaway who sold everything he had for a better life in Saudi Arabia, then made his way back home as a stowaway in a toilet of an Air India flight. He claims a few thousand Indians are sold like cattle in Saudi Arabia. And in another story a 21-year old Indian student on his way to work in a fast food restaurant was murdered in Australia.

Two stories with tragic outcomes, the common denominator being human beings seeking and striving for a better life. Imagine how powerful India would be if it harnessed the courage and persistence of the millions who look to leave her shores. Isn’t it time for India to look within and ask herself why her people are looking outside her borders, and paying a massive price for this better life?


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