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Cellphone Yakking Could Fight Alzheimer’s

In Health, India, Technology on January 7, 2010 at 7:52 pm

Are cellphones good or bad for you?  Depends on which study you read and who funds it.  First came the news that cellphones could cause brain tumors, then last week they said it didn’t.  Another study said cellphone towers may be killing honey bees, and here’s the latest one saying radiation from cellphones might actually fight Alzheimer’s!

Our theory is all that cellphone yakking keeps the mind alert, and that’s what might be keeping Alzheimer’s at bay.  Okay we’re being facetiousso don’t go quoting us!  But we do advise spending less time on the cellphone, and more time communicating face to face. It’s more fun, and has many many benefits!

  1. Hello, nice resource,
    But i seems still need a long journey research to make it perfectly proven, let’s hope it will be one of alzheimers medication

  2. Thanks Diego. We hope so too! Do come back often.

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