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Can We Count The Number Of Adults Who Betrayed Ruchika Girhotra?

In India, Women's Issues on January 9, 2010 at 8:02 pm

If you don’t know what happened to Ruchika Girhotra, start with this chronology of events spanning 19 years.

Let’s make a list:

  • Rathore, a high ranking police officer who is supposed to protect the law molests a 14-year old girl.
  • The Haryana police department that didn’t file an FIR against Rathore
  • Sister Sebastina, the school principal of a Catholic school who caved under pressure and expelled her.
  • Three Chief Ministers who protected Rathore from legal proceedings
  • All the police officers who arrested Ruchika’s brother Ashu, and are reported to have allegedly tortured him, then released one day after Ruchika committed suicide.
  • Father Thomas, Vicar-General and spokesman of the Diocese, who is now shielding Sister Sebastina.

How could any family survive this onslaught? One that included the police, the school system, the Catholic church, the legal system and the state governments.


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