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1 Every 30 minutes – Farmer Suicides In India.

In Food/Drink, India, Water Crisis on January 21, 2010 at 7:52 pm

Devastating statistics from P. Sainath, the journo who pounded the story home for over a decade till people listened and paid attention.

The 2009 drought is even more disturbing for vulnerable Indian farmers. A stark reality check while India’s MSM is reveling in covering the fact that the Himalayan glaciers won’t melt by 2035.

  1. Consider how many people there are who depended on the 2,00,000 farmers who’ve committed suicide the last 12 years. Consider the suicides that went unreported. You are now counting in millions. This is part of the larges problem facing India today. I also saw the article int the Hindu by P. Sainath and posted about it. I’m glad to see you doing so as well; this is something the whole country needs to be talking about.

  2. It is just devastating. Devastating. And you’re right…who even knows what the domino effect of this is.

  3. Yes that is disturbing. But the count given is not true. GOI does not consider anyone as farmer until you (only men) have farming land in your name. So there is a large section of farm labors, tenant farmers, women farmers…

    So the farce report is also very saddening then what would have been the original and true report.

    जय भारत!

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