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Scientifically Proven – Power Corrupts Those Who Think They Deserve It.

In India, Politics, Science on January 31, 2010 at 8:15 am

Bankers who game the system, corrupt politicians who abuse public funds, ‘powerful’ people who preach moral values while having extramarital affairs – why do they do it? The Economist explains the results of a study by Joris Lammers and Adam Galinsky that shows “power tends to corrupt and to promote a hypocritical tendency to hold other people to a higher standard than oneself.”

The most frustrating part is that most often, we the ordinary folks have all the power in our hands to use the knowledge to change this. But we consciously choose to use it against our own interests – whether voting for corrupt politicians, or consuming products from unethical companies, or lapping up the shenanigans of morally bankrupt celebrities.

(Hattip – Andrew Sullivan)


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