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Economist: India’s Tech Workers Are Not As Good As The Country Hopes And America Fears

In Economy, Education, India on February 1, 2010 at 7:36 pm

This is not a secret, so why is everyone sounding so surprised? Quantity, not quality seems to be our answer to everything.

According to Aspiring Minds

“only 4.2% of India’s engineers are fit to work in a software product firm, and just 17.8% are employable by an IT services company, even with up to six months’ training. A larger share could cope in business-process outsourcing (call centres and the like). These findings are even gloomier than the 25% figure for employability that has been bandied about since 2005, when McKinsey released the results of a survey of international companies.”

Read full post at the Economist. The comment thread of the article is not different from others that broach these ‘delicate’ subjects – a healthy mix of schadenfreude and denial.


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