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India’s Poverty Stats Sideline GDP, Sensex Hype For A Day. Is Frontpage News!

In Economy, India on February 9, 2010 at 6:28 pm

Cheers to TOI for pulling their heads out of the sand for a brief moment with this lead story.

No financial crisis impact? India’s poor grew by 34 mn

  1. Good to see you posting this. My feeling is that it’s not just slowed growth, but the kind of growth we’ve been having for more than a decade that is causing poverty to persist and grow. I just reviewed an excellent book by Kaveri Gill on poverty in the plastic recycling industry and she says, among other things, that our post liberalization growth has been problematic in part because most of the jobs it’s created have been in the informal sector.

    Shopping malls do create jobs, but they don’t do so very efficiently–and they aren’t environmentally sustainable.

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