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How To Suck Up To Rahul Gandhi: Exhibit A

In India, Politics on February 13, 2010 at 8:09 am

Listen up young journos. Here‘s a stellar example on how to suck up to a budding national leader. Take notes on the use of breathless hyperbole, ludicrous similes, generous dollops of big words, and most importantly…the utter disregard for facts or investigative reporting.

Here’s a small teaser:

Rahul had hit back, smooth as cream, white as vanilla, hard as brick.

TV footage showed him shaking hands and listening carefully to a gentleman sitting to his right. Though it would be tempting to speculate on what they discussed, it hardly matters. The young leader did what he is training himself to be good at: listening. But what really comes across is the rich symbolism of the moment. Rahul Gandhi, the “outsider” had turned “insider” in a city ever forcibly appropriated by the violently insular Shiv Sena and its leader, Bal Thackeray. He was taking the battle into the enemy camp.

It was a political coup executed with ruthless grace.”

But if you want to be a real journalist, we recommend you wait till Rahul Gandhi makes a substantive statement on what he stands for, and his vision for India.


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