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Canadian-Indians rushing to get Shiva Keshavan funds and uniform with Indian flag at Vancouver Olympics 2010.

In India on February 14, 2010 at 8:06 am

Pardon the long headline – intended for impact to anyone out there that may not see the story, but just the headline.

For all the anger and hurt pride we Indians display when we are called a third-world country, this story should serve as a good reality check of how far we have to go.

(Full post at BBC)

Vancouver’s Indo-Canadian community has rallied to provide funding and uniforms for India’s three-man Winter Olympics team, local press reports say. The owner of a sports shop donated track suits for the opening ceremonies, saying the rush was on to get the Indian flag embroidered onto the gear. The luge used by captain Shiva Keshavan is also donated – by lawyers in India.


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