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How Government Policies Screwed The Indian Farmer.

In Environment, Food/Drink, India, Politics on February 23, 2010 at 7:29 am

By being shortsighted in its so called ‘green revolution’ push:

India has been providing farmers with heavily subsidized fertilizer for more than three decades. The overuse of one type—urea—is so degrading the soil that yields on some crops are falling and import levels are rising. So are food prices, which jumped 19% last year. The country now produces less rice per hectare than its far poorer neighbors: Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. (Full post at Wall St Journal)

It’s time for a sincere push back to what India’s farmers already did and knew – organic farming.

Via NPR: Sharma, other organic farmers and a visitor stand in a field growing a mix of wheat, mustard and beans. Conventional farmers normally plant only one crop in a field to maximize production. Organic farmers grow a mix, which replenishes the soil and helps control pests. Sharma says that he grows more food than his family can eat, so he shares with other families.

  1. Going organic is a move that can save the farmers and the consumers alike. But the fertilizer subsidy is what is killing organic farming, the soil and the water

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