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Choking Delhi Gets Ambulances For Trees.

In Environment, India on March 2, 2010 at 7:52 am

Over a 100,000 trees have been cut over the past 5 years to make way for the building around 2010 commonwealth games and subway in Delhi.  Like slicing away lungs one inch at a time.

Suhas Borker, the founding member of the Green Circle, a volunteer group of environmental activists, is trying to make a point with the ambulances.  But is it already too late to matter?

(Read full post at the National) With pollution levels rising, groundwater tables dropping and development spreading in all directions, Delhi’s trees are being cut down or are toppling over, exhausted by a combination of thirst, foul air and old age. Staffed by six trained horticulturalists, the city’s tree ambulance comes with washers, sprayers, pruners, chainsaws and manure. Most importantly, it also has a 5,500-litre water tank.


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