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Aravind Eye Care System Wins 2010 Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize.

In Healthcare, India, People Making A Difference on March 6, 2010 at 7:01 pm

One single man with a vision can make a difference and inspire us all.  And perhaps worth a read by the US Congress, currently embroiled in a Healthcare reform debate.

Read more about why the Aravind Eye Care system won the Conrad N. Hilton award this year.

“Aravind is a remarkable enterprise and its scale of impact on millions of patients is phenomenal,” said Steven M. Hilton, CEO and president of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.  “In a 30-year quest to end blindness in India, Aravind has developed innovative technologies that are now a model for both the developed and developing world.”

Dr. G. Venkataswamy (Dr. V), Founder Aravind Eye Care System


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