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India Supreme Court – You Don’t Have To Be Married To Live Together.

In Human Rights, India, Politics on March 25, 2010 at 7:24 am

Khushboo…you go girl!  Good on you for standing up to the mob for five long years, and coming out a winner!

Frankly it is not anyone’s business what two people decide to do together. But since the moral brigade makes it their mission to shove their self righteousness on the rest of us, we’re happy the chief court in the land ruled.

India’s Supreme Court ruled yesterday that unmarried couples have the right to live together after hearing a case involving a Tamil actress [Khushboo] accused of corrupting young minds by promoting premarital sex. (full post at Times Online)

In 2005 Khushboo’s comments responding to a premarital sex survey landed her in major controversy with her being pelted with eggs and tomatoes, and complaints filed against her across the state of Tamil Nadu.


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