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Park Set Up By India Gives Afghan Women More Than Just A Break.

In India, People Making A Difference, Women's Issues on April 11, 2010 at 7:21 am

A story of hope and change in the despair that is the life of women in Afghanistan. Made possible by India’s $1.3billion aid program for its neighbor.

(Full post at Washington Post) “For us, home is so boring. Our streets and shops are not for women. But this place is our own.”

The small park, protected by a half-dozen gun-toting guards, has become a favorite destination for Kabul women wanting a safe, quiet place to meet with friends, complain about their husbands, discuss their kids, line one another’s eyes with black kohl or just shed their burqas and play, female activists here say.

But play is not the only draw. The park, paid for by India, also feels like a miniature college campus. India’s Self-Employed Women’s Association, or SEWA, which runs it, has set up a training center on the grounds for mothers and daughters who may never have been to school.


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