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Tharoor’s Career – Lived By Twitter. Died By Twitter.

In India, Politics on April 18, 2010 at 8:58 pm

There you have it. Shashi Tharoor, short-lived career as a cabinet minister has ended in resignation over corruption charges. Tharoor was India’s official candidate for the United Nations General Secretary in 2006 after coming in a close second to Ban Ki-Moon.

The convoluted corruption drama made headlines day after day for the past week. What fascinated us was the role of Twitter and texting in the whole thing. 140 characters at a time, more was heard about Tharoor’s Twitter controversies than anything he might have actually been doing as the Minister of State for External Affairs. Ironically it was Lalit Modi’s tweets that set the ball in motion to bring Tharoor down. And ‘scores of text messages’ he sent to Lalit Modi are said to have proved that Tharoor was playing a much bigger role in the IPL Kochi team than ‘mentor’ as he described it.

As of this writing Tharoor’s Twitter page is silent. The last time his 723k+ followers on Twitter heard from him was two days ago with this post:

“Thanks for all the support &good wishes.U folks are the new India.We will “be the change” we wish to see in our country. But not w’out pain!”

Change can come to India only when corruption is rooted out at the core. Tharoor’s resignation from the post is one small and welcome step in that direction.

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