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Looking For Stories Of Hope For India’s children.

In India, People Making A Difference on April 20, 2010 at 7:59 am

Most days scanning the headlines of Indian newspapers can shake your faith in humanity, and hope for the future of India’s children who live in poverty. Then there are days like today when the stories just render us numb with horror:

Children with distended bellies, characteristic of malnutrition and disease, routinely have red-hot iron rods plunged into their sides by superstitious, poverty-stricken tribal parents in the belief it will cure all stomach ailments. (Full post at Hindustan Times)

15 foetuses found dumped in Ahmedabad garbage bin. Some were as old as seven to eight months (Indian Express)

And so when we find a story like Bharti Kumari, a 12-yr old girl who has taken on educating 50 other children in her village...we are humbled and reminded that each one of us has a moral duty to get involved and make a difference.

Via Times Online: Village head teacher Bharti Kumari


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