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Topalov Provokes Vishwanath Anand With…Silence.

In India, Uncategorized on April 24, 2010 at 12:47 pm

Chess ranges in the lower end of our varied interests scale. But like everyone else we love a good controversy, and were curious to discover why a request for silence in a chess game merits ‘outrage.’

Veselin Topalov, a former world champion, has invoked little-known rules which allow him to ban conversation between him and his opponent during the World Chess Championship. The Bulgarian grandmaster has insisted he will not speak to India’s Viswanathan Anand as they compete for the title and a prize of $2.6 million US over almost a month. (

The reason? Evidently Anand and Aruna, his wife/manager got a bit pricey in their demands.

Long story short – Veselin Topalov had the last word – he beat Vishwanath Anand in the first game. And we learned something new today.

  1. Anand simply refused to play using “new” and “local” rules. They should not expect a world championship to occur according to the rules of every hamlet or village it is run in! What a crazy people and the equally crazy manager of Topalov, who interestingly happens to be one of the organisers!

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