Yeh Hai Life!

Yeh Hai Life Turns 1 Today!

In Event, India on April 27, 2010 at 7:25 am

A huge huge milestone for us, and what an amazing journey it has been!

On April 27, 2009 Nadja and I launched this blog. We had opinions, there were stories that weren’t getting enough attention, and as filmmakers this blog was another screen on which we would project these on.

Our first post Women Empowering Women got 5 whole hits!  We doubted, stumbled and fumbled our way to finding our place in the blogosphere. We then signed on to Facebook and Twitter and other outlets.  But through all of it we sought motivation and inspiration in every comment and every view that came our way. They are what made our voice clearer, our posts more consistent, and led to a more defined viewership.

Somewhere along the way we were passing tens of thousands of views and had stopped paying attention – because something more important was happening: people were emailing us thanking us about stories we were drawing attention to, and complimenting us on our values and objectivity. That was the measure of our success and our inspiration to make bigger and better investments in Yeh Hai Life.

Our second year is off to a promising start. We’re moving to our own domain, launching a major benefit event in September, making a massive social media push, producing original multimedia content, and making new alliances.

We hope, dear YHL reader, that you will join us as we continue our journey to making a difference…in small but meaningful ways that will lead to that bigger impact we set out to deliver.

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