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Hardhitting India Outsourcing Ads Surfaces In Arkansas Politics.

In Advertising, India, Politics on May 2, 2010 at 1:11 pm

We have one question to ask – why do Indian actors agree to do these kinds of commercials?

Read the political angles behind it at Huffington Post.

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  2. Ask yourself why US companies outsource to India and eliminate American jobs. We Indians love to crib and complain. I love it when every other American Desi crib about how they are discriminated when looking for jobs and stuff. And Indians crib about migrant Bangladesis stealing their jobs here. Ha ha. I am sorry to say that Indians including the American desis are perrenial bitches.

    US should emulate Gulf nations and ban permanent citizenship and property ownership to third worlders. That will teach them what pain is. India is fucked all because of the fault of the fucking Indians who live here. Even highly educated and “cultured” people can be seen throwing plastic waste in public space. Have an empty plot of land in a neighboorhood? Rest assured that the plot would be a garbage dump for the people of the area. People and descendents of people who don’t blink once before fucking their own country, should not bitch about what other nations do. These people should be and are rewarded with poverty and diseases.

    India I love, let all Indians suffer for their hypocrisy and double talk

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