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Tea Estate Turnaround. All Thanks To Vriksh Ayurveda (Organic Farming)

In Environment, India, Science on May 3, 2010 at 6:51 pm

BBC has a profile on Gossainberie Tea Estate in Assam that is well on its way to a turnaround thanks to Vriksh Ayurveda, India’s ancient plant medicine. What we in the 21st century call going organic, and not relying on chemical fertilizers.

So India’s experiment with the green revolution (subsidizing fertilizers to the point of overuse) has failed. And as the western world is just recently realizing the benefits of organic agriculture, India has been sitting with this wealth of ancient wisdom for centuries.

The answer is somewhere in between as the BBC profile show – modern management methods with ancient agricultural practices. Now how to deprogram farmers in India addicted to fertilizers is the question.

Production at Gossainbarie tea estate has gone up since it started using organic manure


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  2. who developed the field level technology of organic farming known as vrikshayurveda?

  3. I am keen to know

  4. Vrukhayurveda is a ancient method of organic cultivation

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