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Data Centers Powered By Cow Dung Are Possible.

In Environment, India, Science on May 19, 2010 at 7:43 pm

Chandrakant Patel, a scientist at HP Labs in Palo Alto, calls [it]”a symbiotic relationship between manure and IT.” Patel, who recalls collecting buffalo droppings for fuel as a boy in rural India, says the ancient practice of burning manure for energy can be updated with new technology, in a process his team has outlined in a paper they’re presenting this week at a conference on energy sustainability, convened in Phoenix by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. (full post here)

Ancient civilizations have so many green answers to modern day problems. But do we have the will to try them?

Chandrakant Patel is an HP Fellow and director of the Sustainable IT Ecosystem Laboratory at HP Labs. The laboratory is focused on the creation of a sustainable IT ecosystem with the goal of driving the reduction of carbon emissions throughout the global economy.  Patel’s supply and demand side approach in creating a sustainable IT ecosystem builds on his pioneering work in the late 1990s on holistically managing available energy as a key resource in data centers. (Read his bio here)


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